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    Buy UK residence Permit; A residence permit is required to reside in the United Kingdom. Eventually, this apply when you have to stay for more than 6 months. A residence permit is an immigration authorization that enables foreign nationals to reside and work in a country.

A residence card or BRC in the United Kingdom is distinct from a biometric residence permit’ (BRP). If you have a visa for more than six months, indefinite leave to remain, or certain Home Office travel documents, you may have a BRP. The term residence permit’ appears on BRPs.


Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) for the UK Obtaining a UK biometric residence permit is evidence that you are residing, working, or attending school in the UK legally.
EU Settlement Scheme Following Brexit; the EU Settlement Scheme was implemented to enable EU citizens to reside in the United Kingdom.

ILR stands for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Permanent residence permit is another name for the permanent permission to remain. As a holder of an ILR, you are no longer subject to conditions on your stay in the United Kingdom. Also you may work, study, and conduct business indefinitely.


We offer the UK residence permit for sale. We are the only online service in the EU where UK residence permits can be purchased online. In addition, we sell registered UK residence permits. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. When you purchase a residence permit, you become eligible to work in the UK. In addition, we have over seven years of experience serving clients throughout the EU. You can purchase your UK residence permit from us online and obtain it within one week.


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