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Buy Spanish passport online and safe yourself from Visa processes. Purchase a new, authentic biometric passport with an RFID chip online. Passports issued in Spain  are good for 10 years for those over 30 and 5 years for those under 30. The typical Spanish passport is a booklet with 32 pages. 135 nations are visa-free for visitors from Spain. Passport holders from Spain can also apply for 16 visas on arrival or 33 e-visas. Spain has 46.4 million residents, with Madrid serving as its capital. Other EU Passports are also available.


It is very simple to purchase a registered Spanish passport once you visit our website. We have a very quick and standby customer service that is always there to ensure that your requirements or questions are answered and on time. We are also here to help you get your documents ready because we are aware that many people have issues, such as undocumented nationals who have all the necessary documents but do not have citizenship status.


Having a Spanish passport provides several advantages, which include:

-Visa-free travel: According to Global Citizen Solutions and Expatiate, holders of Spanish passports can enter 187 countries without a visa and 189 countries with a visa on arrival.

-Right to live, work, and study in Spain: Holders of Spanish passports are entitled to do all three of these things in Spain.

-Family eligibility: Any member of the family is qualified to apply for a Spanish passport.

-investment prospects: According to Global Citizen Solutions, the Spanish passport offers excellent investment potential.

-Excellent mobility while traveling:
According to Global Citizen Solutions, Spanish citizens have competitively high travel mobility and can visit any countries inside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland with a current Spanish passport.

Due to the fact that you can enter 166 countries without a visa if you have Spanish residency, Spain is one of the nations with the most valuable passports.


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