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Update IELTS Past Scores. How much score do you want to
get in the IELTS exam? We are here to assure you that you
can get the score of your choice even if you have already
taken the test and the results are out. We have made it
possible for people who have poor scores to update their
IELTS past scores with us. It;s an opportunity that is open
to everyone regardless of your status, your current IELTS
situation and so on. The scores are updated right in the
IELTS database, servers and on all the verification
networks used by the IELTS Cambridge assessment board.
We ensure the scores are verifiable, authentic and can be
used without any issues. So matter how poor your
performance is, get to us now for score modification.

We can modify your scores from nothing to a reasonable
score. The process takes approximately 5-7 days for a
proper registration to be done. This procedure is similar to
that of IELTS without exam. Update your scores from band
4,5 to Band 7, 7.5, 8.0, why not 8.5 or 9.0? We got
candidates who set themselves high standard which we
register them band 9.0.


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