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The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is a test of English proficiency for non-native speakers. Your CELPIP certificate expires after 2 years. This means you have to retake the test every 2 years in case you need to always use CELPIP for your proof of English skills. If you want to maintain access to your scores, it’s important that you update them on an annual basis. We can help you to maintain your scores, by simply updating the test date to a most recent one to keep your certificate up to date. If you don’t do so, your scores will be deactivated and you won’t be able to request them again until they are renewed by updating. You can get help doing so through our Hiring Immigrants Online Service. It’s very important to note that, the scores remain verifiable online. You can also learn how to verify an IELTS certificate online.

Same thing applies to those who are willing to upgrade their scores after the result is out. It’s common to see people being so disappointed each time they get their results. There must be that one module where you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. Or some didn’t get the exact scores needed by their requirements. We came in with this solution, because we understand that taking the test over again can be really stressful especially if you are extremely busy with other activities or you can’t just imagine taking the test again. In case you wish to modify your scores to any scores of your choice, Global docs is here for you. We are specialized in handling these complex problems and provide solutions in just a matter of days. Get related services like IELTS without exam, IELTS exam papers, upgrade IELTS past scores. Learn how to verify or check if an ielts certificate is genuine or not. Obtain pte certificate without exam, get OET without exam , modify ielts scores , buy leaked ielts exam papers, ielts without exam, buy ielts certificate, ielts proxy.

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